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Wireless module development notes:
    Wireless transmitter module must signal modulation to work properly, the common fixed code encoding devices such as PT2262 / 2272, as long as the direct connection to a very simple, because it is a dedicated encoder chip, so the effect is very good transmission distance is very far away.
   Module output pins in the module through a pullup resistor + 5V, use the time to consider the input impedance of the decoding device.
    Wireless module has an important purpose is to achieve data communication with the microcontroller, then there are certain skills
1. Communication reasonable rate
    The maximum data transfer rate of the wireless module is 9.6KBs, generally controlled at about 2.5k, high data rate increase will reduce the receiver sensitivity and bit error rate or even impossible to work.
2. Reasonable information code format
    When the microcontroller and wireless modules work normally define their own transport protocol, regardless of modulation used, the information code format to be passed is very important, it will directly affect the reliability of the data transceiver.

    Code set format recommended program
Preamble + data frame synchronization code +
Thus the length of the preamble should be large 10ms, to avoid background noise, such as using 0,1 sequence.