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Electric door controller

F811 controller

F811 relay controller is a multi-function road, suitable for all kinds of electrical power switch decentralized control, centralized control, a variety of lighting control, positive ZhuanTing function of ac/dc motor control.


The main function

Point move \ self-locking or points \ interlock is optional

Four road relay can control each other, independent control, semi-automatic control and various combinations

Can learn all the remote control on the market (fixed code, rolling code, learning code)

Compatible with all types of motor control switch function (or other device)

Technical parameters

Working voltage: 12 v / 24 v AC or DC12V / 24 v

Relay electric shock current: 10 a

Receive frequency: 315 MHz or 315 MHz optional or other special frequency

Remote control distance: 80 meters

Relay: single/two/three/four road