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F528 copy machine series

F528 - new intelligent garage regeneration apparatus

New intelligent garage regeneration apparatus F528 compatible with mainstream brands and imported brand, also can copy computer code, non-standard, special-shaped code brands such as garage remote control; Fill in the market for a piece of blank. Distinctive and powerful and regeneration function, can according to the brand table (see instructions) direct input digital code can generate corresponding to the remote control of the brand. Six main copy song machine remote control on the market the most common mainstream brand; 8 song machine is the most powerful of the remote control, the main copy import brand garage remote control and remote control cars, as well as foreign reverse phase code, stealth code, such as ternary code type chip brand; Under the copy type, also can combine different types of chip brand of remote control, implement a remote control can control many garage door at the same time.


ZRSD - F528 new intelligent garage regeneration apparatus (hereinafter referred to as the "F528 copying machine"), is the company against all kinds of rf wireless remote data detection, data comparison, frequency of copy detection, remote control, remote editing (regeneration), and other basic functions of intelligent products, also can be carried out on the part of the radio frequency ID card copy.

Copying machine support battery power, more convenient than other work without power supply environment, in order to save energy, copy machine in a certain period of time without any operation, will automatically be turned off. If you are using power adapter, the built-in battery can not take out, copy machine in the space of an hour without any action, will automatically be turned off. Brand as the market constantly updated, we will not be updated periodically copying machine program and it supports remote control of data, through our website for free or agent, general computer users can enjoy our new feature to a free upgrade service.

The main function

Data detection: a remote control of data, can see the remote control of data, the shortest pulse width, and some of the models of the chip.

Data comparison: to compare the two remote data, determine whether the same.

Frequency detection: detect the transmission frequency of the remote control, judge whether need frequency, also can check whether the adjustable frequency of the remote control to adjust accurately.

The remote replication: the original is copied to the new remote control remote control.

Button ID card copy, the original ID card copy more ID card.

Data editor: according to the data information of the remote control chip editor regeneration.

Reference remote regeneration: copy the original data information of the remote control, then downloaded to the machine remote control.

Choose brand regeneration: choose a different brand, downloaded to the machine in the remote control, implement brand copy.