Garage Door Controller Board

F600D - universal universal motherboard

F600D universal universal motherboard, according to limit way is divided into electronic procedure limit and mechanical limit two control main board; Suitable for all brands on the market's new clothes, repair and replacement; True universal, general and practical; Is your ideal choice.


The main function

Compatible with the hall type and optical coupling type motor

Compatible with normally open, normally closed, automatic limit mechanical way

The remote control can match a variety of types

Intelligent light open and close automatically

LED function display

Flexible start stop, strong power, low noise operation

Runtime resistance detection by microcomputer main control chip real-time, accurate positioning

Can be an external manual switch and photoelectric switch to control in many aspects

Motor fault detection protection function

Technical parameters

Working voltage: 24 v AC

The biggest driving force: 800 n

Rated power: 100 w

Standby power: 5 w

Remote control distance: greater than 20 meters