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Domestic garage remote control

F1598 - domestic brands

Configuration parameters:
Frequency: 433 MHZ or 433 MHZ
Light: LED the green light
Four keys: lock up and stop/stop switch lock


F1589 existing brands, respectively, as follows:

General, the red sun rises, the new master, bolton, Witt, the wind shadow, KaiMa, hoss, hoss type 2 and type 1 halma, hoss type 3, smart, spree, bears, safely old screw (compatible S80), Mr. Reid, Wright green, 1 generation, Wright red, cardin cardin 2 generation, new Wright and good grain, and jaddua, yards, new jaddua (DC31), Carson, sea 433, foot, 3 generation, west riverside, hercules, zhongtian, new west saide, zhongtian B 1 generation (SK1), air, iron pipe, Kang Ma, iron pipe 2 (SK2), Dr, and should be preferred, di, the yellow light, easyjet, qianshan mountain 2, 1, qianshan mountain Xu Ji 3 generation, 2, green bo Xu Ji, Ontario, in the long run, the new Ontario, weston, haizhu, optimal knight, blue chi leopard, wei shi da, Bai Chi leopard, Lin, store 1, 3 (433 m), the giant light store 2, boda B (433 m), som, AnFuSheng, new som, and the speed, rich, blue ideals, baoding, white, boda, black ideal, haitong, 2 (315 m), the giant light hengfu power, solid 1 generation, ZRSD1 rui grand 1, solid have to 2 generation, new ChangShun, ChangShun, A green light (315 m), the red light (433 m), the green light (433 m), white horse (F350), transparent hoss F330. F50, looking forward to, look forward to 2 generation 1, rich, red green, thinking, st. Timon, master, new goalkeeper, ChangShun speed, ideal for industrial, haizhu, already, and many other brands